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We connect friends and family with our telecom services. Search for open positions and join our Glo Fiber team as a technician, a customer service representative and more!
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Who We Are

Shentel provides high-speed Internet and other telecommunications services to customers in the Mid-Atlantic United States. The Shentel family of brands includes:


Shentel: Provides traditional cable Internet services for small towns and rural communities.

Glo Fiber:  Delivers fiber-optic Internet for customers in larger cities, as a competitor to incumbent providers.

Shentel Business and Glo Fiber Business: Offers small, medium and large-scale telecommunication services for businesses and enterprises in our areas.


About Glo Fiber
Glo Fiber Marketing Team

Our Mission

At Shentel, our company is committed to enriching the lives of the customers we serve with the highest quality telecommunications services by making major investments in technology, using innovative thinking and delivering high quality local customer service that makes using technology easy.

Our Vision

We live and work in the same areas that we serve. Shentel will ensure that rural communities have access to the same level of telecommunication services as those found anywhere in the United States.

“I have had the opportunity to be on the ground floor of new projects and initiatives. Shentel is willing to take risks if it means better service for our customers.”