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TV Streaming Services with Local Channels

Get ready to binge-watch your favorite TV shows, movies, and sports with Glo Fiber TV. Say goodbye to cable and hello to the future of entertainment. Sign up and stream like never before!
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A man streaming local TV with a remote in his hand.
Locals $57.00 Per Month Get Started
  • 15+ Channels
  • Cloud DVR 25 Hours
  • Simultaneous Streams 3 Devices
  • Internet is required for TV service
  • Includes local channels ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, and more. View Channels
Entertain $130.00 Per Month Get Started
  • 70+ Channels
  • Cloud DVR 100 Hours
  • Live TV Streaming 3 Devices
  • Internet is required for TV service
  • Includes local plus Fox, ESPN, CNN, and more. View Channels
Delight $166.00 Per Month Get Started
  • 130+ Channels
  • Cloud DVR 250 Hours
  • Live TV Streaming 6 Devices
  • Internet is required for TV service
  • Everything except the premium channels, including locals! View Channels

All your favorite TV channels are here

Stream your favorite entertainment options with Glo Fiber TV, starting at just $57/month. Plus receive a $10 discount on internet when you add a TV package.

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TV streaming services with local channels such as HGTV, Fox, CBS, ESPN, and more.

Get help picking your TV streaming services.

Let Glo Fiber TV help you find your next binge-worthy obsession. With our high-speed fiber internet, you can explore streaming options and discover your perfect match. Our personalized recommendations consider your viewing habits and preferences, so you can find the streaming services that are right for you.

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Logos of channel and TV streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, ESPN+, Peacock, and more.

Everybody can stream how they want

Get ready to take control of your streaming experience with Glo Fiber TV! With our Glo Fiber TV app, you can stream your favorite shows on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. And for even more streaming power, you can snag an Amazon Fire Stick and bring magic to every TV in the house. No more arguments over what to watch - everyone can kick back and enjoy their favorite shows. Sign up for Glo Fiber TV today and let the binge-watching begin!

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Two individuals streaming on multiple devices

Glo Fiber is illuminating possibility

Fiber Internet Icon
Fiber Internet

State-of-the-art fiber optics for best-in-class data speeds up to 2 GIG.

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No Contracts

Simple, straightforward pricing with no gimmicks or hidden fees. Ever.

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Dependable Service

Uninterrupted connections, even during bad weather or electromagnetic interference.

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Simple to Use

Easy setup, no maintenance, and available wall-to-wall WiFi coverage for your whole family.

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Your home is getting smarter and more connected every day. Our network will grow with you.

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Faster Downloads

And uploads, too! So you can chat, call, conference, and game with your friends easier than ever.

Ready to Get Glo-ing?

Our fiber-optic network offers lightning-fast internet speeds that will take your streaming to the next level. With Glo Fiber TV, you can finally say goodbye to buffering and hello to seamless, high-quality streaming. Join the streaming revolution today and discover the future of entertainment.